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Arnie has made it easier than ever for homeowners to manage multiple homes within any location.

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With a simple tap, you have complete control over everything Arnie is managing through out your home. This allows for appliances to be managed quickly and efficiently.



Control by Room

Arnie, is the base through which all other products communicate intelligently in order to connect all of your home's smart systems and enhance safety and convenience.

Schedule Routines

Arnie allows users to set routines in hope of making your life that much easier. A routine can be set once or as a scheduled daily task.



  • Arnie has reached the way we interact with our home to a whole other level. - Jane Watson, CEO of Home for Good.

  • Arnie is without a doubt a superior application into a digital lifestyle. - Mandy, Head of Google

  • In my opinion, Arnie will change the way people interact with their home. - HomeGoods

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Arnie is your in to a simple, positive and worthwhile experience into a digital lifestyle.

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